BioGrow 365 is a complete natural all in one organic liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner containing a highly specialized microbiology that is environmentally safe.

BioGrow 365 is made through an innovative manufacturing procedure that turns natural raw materials into an environmentally safe, natural liquid organic fertilizer resulting in healthier fruit, vegetables, crops, livestock and people.

BioGrow 365 is multipurpose and can be used on gardens, row crops, pastures, hay fields, fruit trees, lawns, flowers and ornamentals.

BioGrow 365 will not burn, is non toxic and non polluting. It can be delivered through any commonly used irrigation system including  flood and drip feed systems. BioGrow 365 has been designed as a stand alone product and a replacement for all commonly used fertilizers, soil amendments and microbial inoculants.

Independently tested and proven with outstanding results.

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